Do Gutters Increase Home Value?

Choosing Gutters For Your Home

In Frisco, Texas, there is a mixture of newly-built homes and older, established homes. The new-built homes come available with all the trimmings you could want or need, including gutters along the exterior. Most of the older homes, however, could use a gutter installation service

This major home improvement can do more for your monthly expenses, comfort level, and the outer appearance of your home than anything else you could do. In fact, the benefits are almost endless and ongoing. When you need window replacements in Frisco , TX, set up a service appointment by calling 214-471-6210.

What happens if your home doesn’t have gutters?

Are home gutters necessary? The first thing that most homeowners here in Frisco are concerned about is their yard. They want pristine landscaping. However, a home without gutters will have a messy, muddy yard. As the rain comes off the roof, it will fall directly onto flower beds and puddle around the foundation. 

Not only will this wash away the dirt, flowers, mulch, and shrubs, but it will begin soaking under the foundation. That is when you’ll learn how important a gutter installation service can be! Why? Because you’ll need a foundation or house leveling service next, and that is a lot more expensive than a gutter installation service.

Here is a quick checklist reviewing what makes a gutter installation service beneficial for your home: 

  • Water will surround your house. Without a gutter installation, water will surround your home and yard because it isn’t rerouted out and away from the house to a specific area. With the hard and heavy rains that we get in Texas, you’ll feel like you’re living in a houseboat. 
  • Water drips down the house. Without a gutter installation service that carries water away, the rain will drip and run down the side of your home. For a home with siding, it can begin to soak into the seams, get inside the walls and begin destroying the walls of your home. 
  • Standing water causes foundation damage. A home built on a foundation or a home on a pier-and-beams will become unlevel as the water seeps into areas under the house or into the cracks of the foundation. The house will be unlevel, doors and windows not closing or opening, plumbing issues develop as pipes are being bent. 
  • Erosion. Without a gutter installation service, the flowerbed and the lawn will be ruined with the abundance of rainwater that isn’t redirected. 
  • Damage to other parts. Without gutters, other important components of your home can be damaged, like the HVAC system or your swimming pool. 

How do gutters protect your home?

Gutter systems are often taken for granted and can be one of the most ignored features of a home. Even homes that have gutter installation, service of them is ignored, like knowing how to clean gutters or having them professionally cleaned. Once they are installed, you need to keep them in working condition, and that include cleaning them and repairing as needed. 

Rain gutters are often seen as a cosmetic feature that is simple in design and operation. Yes, they carry and reroute water from the roof, and then out and away from the ground immediately around your home. What many people do not realize is the serious water damage that a home can have without a gutter installation service. 

The fundamental function of a gutter system is to collect rainwater from the roof, channel it into one area and the send it out and away from the house through a downspout. What happens as it rains is the water rolls down the roof slope and into the gutter runs. The water then pools up in the gutter urns and travels to the downspout. And it is the downspouts that carry that water out and away from the base or foundation of your home. At the base of the downspout is a backsplash that will further divert that water away from the house.

Which gutters are best for your home?

Choosing the style for your gutter installation service is an important decision. You want to choose one that will service your home correctly, but you want it blend in with the aesthetics of your home. And of course the budget is a huge part of the gutter installation service too. With those three issues, which is the better option for you: 

  • A sectional rain gutter installation: The gutter run materials come in sections. Those sections are then joined together and fastened as the gutter installation service proceeds. 
  • A seamless gutter installation: Seamless gutters are custom made on site to fit your home specifically. A truck-mounted machine will dispense single, long sheets of metal and the contractor and team will affix them to the fascia around your home. 

The seamless gutter installation service is more expensive, but the advantages are worth the cost. Starting with the lack of joints and seams to come loose and disconnect over the years. This minimizes repairs and replacements that are a dread homeowners have had for years.

Which gutter material is best?

The next important thing to choose for your gutter installation service is the material of the gutters. Here we have a list of the common gutter materials used in the Frisco area. We have provided you the benefits and the drawbacks, so that you are making a well-informed decision: 

Vinyl Gutters

The favorite of most homeowners for two reasons: ease and expense. They are lightweight which makes them easy to install and they are the most inexpensive of all gutter installation services. They are also favored because they do not corrode or rust, and fluctuate with the temperatures, giving them a longer life span. However, if a poor gutter installation service can result in sagging gutter sections. The vinyl material is known to become brittle over time, leading to cracking and the color tends to fade. 

Aluminum Gutters

Another cost-efficient choice for gutter installation service. Lightweight materials make installation easy and fast and they are rust-proof and weather-resistant. They maintain their paint through the years and this gutter installation service is available in a seamless style. The biggest drawback is the lack of strength, meaning they bend easily with ladders placed against them or tree limbs falling against them. 

Copper and Steel Gutters

There are a few varieties with steel gutter installation service, with galvanized steel being the more popular choice due to cost and sturdiness. The downside to the steel version of gutters is the rust factor which will take its toll over the years. Routine maintenance with gutter cleaning can expand their lifespan. Copper gutter installation service is one of the most expensive but also the most aesthetically pleasing. 

Stainless Steel

Virtually indestructible, a stainless steel gutter installation service will last for years on end. They will never rust, making them one of the industry’s strongest materials to have for gutters. The one drawback is a big one – the price. Stainless steel gutter installation service will cost up to 4 times more than other gutter materials. 

Wood Gutters

Wood gutters were the norm a hundred years ago, but then the cheaper and mass-produced gutter materials came along being more weather resistant. Typically made from cedar, fir, or redwood, they are still available and popular for older homes that are being restored to their authentic architecture. If any gutter installation service can more expensive than copper, the wood gutters are the ones. 

How long does gutter installation take?

On an average-sized, single-story home, a gutter installation service will take between one hour and up to four hours. A larger home, multi-story will take one to two full days. 

Is gutter installation difficult?

For a seamless gutter installation service, it takes a specific machine that isn’t readily available for just anyone. These are used by experienced contractors that specialize in gutter installation. 

For the snap-together style of gutter system, it is possible for a DIY homeowner to do their own gutter installation service. There are multitudes of how-to videos and some home improvement stores will have in-store classes or videos to show you the steps. 

Roof maintenance

Wrapping It Up – The Warranty

Does a home warranty cover gutters? Most likely, no. A home warranty covers items like your kitchen appliances, washing machine and dryer, dishwasher, and water heater. A home warranty will cover the major components like the central heat and air, the electrical system, and the plumbing system.

A home warranty will not cover the roof and the gutter installation service is considered part of the roof. The roof is a structural part of your home, thus it will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance not your home warranty. 

Within your homeowner’s policy, whether the gutter system is covered will depend on what happens to the gutter system. An act of nature that damages or destroys the roof will be covered. A rusted gutter system falling apart due to lack of maintenance and old age will not be covered.

Yes, you can usually stay home during the job, this is a personal decision. Based on your pets and if you have small children in the house that nap during the day. A window replacement job is not a quiet job!

This major home improvement can do more for your monthly expenses, comfort level, and the outer appearance of your home than anything else you could do. In fact, the benefits are almost endless and ongoing. When you need window replacements in Frisco , TX, set up a service appointment by calling 214-471-6210.

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