Your Complete Gutter Installation Guide

Do I Need Gutters?

Most homes in Frisco, Texas and surrounding areas have gutters these days. But some older homes don’t, or they need new gutter installation. So, why install gutters if older homes don’t have them? They must not be needed, right? 

A gutter installation will keep rainwater from pooling around a foundation, something that can create big issues over a period of time for a slab foundation. When water pools up and sits around a slab foundation, it causes it to settle, leading to cracking. After that, the house needs to be releveled and the foundation fixed, or the problem gets worse with time. 

Do I need gutters around my entire house?

Usually not; this depends on the slope of the roof. Water is a home’s worst enemy, as it causes erosion around the foundation along with rot under shingles and inside walls. Most roofs are designed for directing water down the roof slopes, and where they slope is what determines where gutters are needed. An experienced contractor will help you determine by the architecture of your home and the landscaping around your home where to install gutters on a house so that it gives your home the most benefits. 

Is gutter installation expensive?

The cost of a gutter installation will be determined by a few factors: 

  • The size of the house 
  • Single story or multiple story home
  • The type of gutters

Experienced contractors typically charge by the linear foot for the material and additional for the labor. For a home needing 125 feet to 200 feet of gutter installation, materials will start around $1100 and reach upwards of $2500. The labor will add another $10 to $20 per linear foot

Is gutter installation difficult?

While it may not seem that difficult from the hundreds of YouTube videos, the experience and skill of a contractor is recommended. That’s because the experience and skill acquired from providing gutter installation will give you a gutter system that has accurate pitch and components that are properly fitted and sealed. 

How long does gutter installation take?

The gutter installation process for an average sized home, around 1200 square feet to 1500 square feet, can typically be completed in four hours or less. A gutter installation for a larger home, around 1800 square feet and up, can take a full day, or eight to 10 hours. 

Closing Comments and Information

There are six steps we recommend when getting a gutter installation. Figure out what to know about gutter installation first. From there, the research continues.


Do thorough research before hiring any contractor that claims they can do a gutter installation, especially if their pricing is a lot less than other quotes. Remember, you get what you pay for! After you have narrowed it down to a few companies or contractors, do your due diligence in following up with checking references.

Check the online reviews, ask your neighbors who did their gutter installation, and choose a local contractor. They are the ones that will know the weather patterns where you live and will typically have a solid client base that you can get references on this contractor. 

Request Written Estimates and Quotes

Once you have a contractor lined up that meets your needs and requirements, you want to get a written estimate and quote, with details spelled out. An experienced gutter installation contractor will take measurements around your home to provide you a quote. Going with a contractor you should get custom-made gutters, either made in a shop or the seamless style gutters that are made on-site. 

Check Documentation

Ask to see their licenses and insurance, making copies for your records. Ask about their guarantee or warranty, and again in writing. Having your gutter installation done by a contractor without the proper credentials can put you and your home at risk.


Questions You Should Ask

In addition to the contractor’s qualifications and documentation, ask about the product options they offer. Not all gutters are the same and you want to get the one that is right for your home. Today, most gutter installation contractors recommend seamless gutters. Why?

  • They are professionally made and installed at the job site and the gutter installation requirements are fewer fasteners and seams, minimizing leak possibilities. 
  • Seamless gutters are attractive, requiring when installed little to no maintenance, including less cleaning needed. 
  • Seamless gutters have lower repair costs and a longer lifespan, giving you a higher ROI with your gutter installation. 

In addition to seamless gutters we just described other options that a gutter installation contractor may recommend are: 

  • Half-round gutters: A tube that is cut in half and has an effective water flow. These do not fit flush to the house and are known to become clogged easier. 
  • K-style gutters: Actually looks like the letter K from the side view. This style of gutter has been used for over 50 years. With the flat back of the K, they can be fastened to the fascia board directly without brackets.

Gutters are a simple part of a home’s architecture that provides a great service. With the various configurations and materials they are available in, they can be made to fit any style of architecture.

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