Can you fix foundation problems?

Crack in a foundation

Repairing the Cracks

The foundation of your home is important. How stable and strong it is can affect how stable and strong the rest of your home is. That is why having professional slab foundation repair and house leveling or professional foundation repair for pier and beam is so important. To keep your home standing strong, foundation repair and waterproofing is not something to take lightly. It is helpful to understand how important this part of homeownership is and knowing how foundation repair is done and other topics that we will discuss today.

Do uneven floors mean foundation problems?

Yes, uneven floors show that your home needs foundation repair. Here are three issues causing it:

House Settling

In some parts of the country, the ground will settle under the weight of a house and the house will become uneven, causing foundation problems and others. You will notice cracked bricks along the exterior or around the fireplace, the drywall cracks, and squeaky floors.

Meager Support Design

The floor joists and support columns’ purpose are to hold the weight of a house. When support to columns isn’t set the proper distance or the floor joists are spanned too far apart, it can cause problems. Those problems can range from sagging floors, squeaky floors, and gaps between the floors and walls.

Standing Water

When a home has dampness, standing water, and other problems that are water and weather-related, it can damage the structure and plumbing issues. This can be water leaked into the basement or crawl space, where more than just structure problems happen when the wood there begins to rot and sag. This can become a health hazard with mold growing under your home.  

What are the signs of a bad foundation?

Your home is an expensive investment and do anything you can to protect that investment. The foundation is an important part of that investment, so knowing what indicators you should be watchful of will tell you if your home needs foundation repair:

  • Cracks in chimney, floors, walls
  • Settling or sinking floors
  • Upheaval in floors
  • Doors sticking or won’t open/close
  • Exterior doors and windows have gaps
  • Floors sag or are uneven
  • Crawl of pier and beam damp
  • Cabinets and counters separating from wall

How do you fix foundation cracks?

No matter where you live if your house sits on a concrete slab or is on a pier and beam, it will move with the ground, even a fraction. While that small of a movement won’t make any difference, when you’ve had several of these movements, it adds up. Fortunately, there are foundation repair services, or you can try a DIY production that you’ll find in any big box store.

The DIY kits are usually a vinyl concrete patch and can repair cracks that are more 1/8” thick or thicker. If your home as a structural slab and there are several small cracks or cracks that are bigger than ¼” wide, a professional foundation repair is the better choice.

Can a sinking foundation be fixed?

As we have already covered earlier, a home’s foundation is important to structural integrity. When it is weak, the whole house is weak.  While it is not a cheap fix, a foundation repair is possible if you are familiar with the load-bearing importance and how it is right, or it is wrong. There is not an in-between.

Once you notice that your foundation is sinking, using the indicators we have mentioned earlier, call a professional structural engineer. They will have specific education and training in diagnosing foundation problems, but not an interest in the foundation repair itself. Once they have assessed the matter, they will advise you what they can do.

Your next phone call should be to several foundation repair companies that will do their own inspection and then advise you what needs to be done and provide you a price. Foundation repair is not cheap, so get pricing from several contractors. Review their certification, experience, licensing, and referrals.

Ask them which technique they will use for the foundation repair and what their warranty is on the job. They may use a high-pressure grouting method or plant load-bearing piers under the house to raise the house and stabilize the foundation.

slightly damaged foundation

How long does it take to fix the foundation of a house?

Like any repair for a house, the time to complete a foundation repair will depend on the size of the house.  The average foundation repair for a residential property can two to three days, and sometimes, it can take longer. There are variables such as needing to dig the footings deeper or restoration work needed after they have installed the piers.

Being a homeowner brings a lot of responsibilities. It is a lifetime investment and many of those responsibilities are the maintenance and upkeep of the home, such as electrical, plumbing, roofing, and foundation. It is important to give the same amount of attention to foundation repair needs as you do the other components of your home to protect this investment. For all of your foundation repair needs in Frisco , TX, dial 214-471-6210 for Kilker Roofing and Construction, LLC today!