How do you know when to replace your windows?

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Window Replacement

How much do you enjoy the windows in your home? How much would you say they add to the exterior’s looks? How old are your home’s windows? We’re guessing probably more than you answered any of these questions. You probably haven’t a gave much thought to window replacement either, right? 

If you have given window replacement any thought, it was a fleeting moment as you walked by the displays in your local big box home repair store. Or as you see a commercial on television, you may think about window replacement. Home repairs and upkeep can be a large task, and when it comes to something like window replacement, vinyl siding, and other large jobs, they are very often out of budget range for many. 

Where we often make our mistake though, is looking at the cost of having window replacement or repair done. Not at what they could save us over time, or the value-add to the property they provide. Window replacement, locks, and doorknobs updated, vinyl siding, insulation update, roof replacement are all costly endeavors. However, if you plan to sell your home, you’ll get a good portion of your money back. If this is your forever home, then the benefits you’ll get will come in the way of energy savings.   

How do you know when a window seal is broken? 

Time marches on they say, and that is obvious when you look at your windows. Windows are exposed to the outdoor elements 24/7/365. With that in mind, windows that are fifteen years old or older probably have broken or worn window seals. To confirm this, some characteristics indications would be any or all the following:   

  • There is condensation or fog between the double pane glass.
  • The distorted view through the glass panes.
  • Efforts to clean the exterior side is useless.
  • The glass is cracked.
  • With the windows closed, you still feel air coming in.  

What are the best replacement windows? 

Window replacement can enhance your home’s appearance, enhancing the curb appeal. It will make it less drafty, quieter, and will help your energy bills by making the HVAC system work less. Double-hung style windows are the more common now, and they have improved over the years! They are much easier to clean yourself in between the times you have them professionally cleaned. 

When it comes to which brand is the best in window replacement, this must be a personal decision, with your budget being the foremost concern. The key features you want to focus on as you shop window replacements are: 

The materials and construction of the frame is the first decision to be made for your window replacement project. Fiberglass and wood are better insulators. Vinyl frames are the most popular, offer good insulation too, with aluminum frames coming in last for insulation but high in the inexpensive category. 

The number of panes is your next choice with a window replacement job. Standard today is double-pane glass which comes with a spacer and an argon gas-filled cavity for added insulation. Triple-pane windows are available today, and why they do cut back the noise drastically, the cost is drastically more too. Single-pane windows are not recommended and becoming harder to acquire. 

You should talk through each of these decisions for a variety of brands. Consider the aesthetics and functionality of each. The pricing can have a wide range, so as you gather bids, ask for them in an itemized list with details on the features of each window replacement product you’re considering.   

The better the window replacement, the more they will cost, and the installation cost will depend on the complexity of the job and the number of windows. Two things of, you will recoup the cost in energy savings now and your home’s value for the future if you sell. 

Window replacement is expensive, so do your homework and research. The more you know, the better able you’ll be to make the right choice for you. The contractor you choose to work with may have a preference, but that should not be your decision. 

Can you replace your own windows? 

Perhaps you’re thinking, how hard could this be to do? Well, if you haven’t done it before, could be harder than you’re thinking. First, you need to have a clear and complete understanding of the original window installation. Then there are the measurements, and the unplanned, unseen installation issues. 

Installing window replacements can be complex and monotonous, even without any issues or problems. There are two ways to replace a window: 

  • Pocket replacement installation
  • Full-frame replacement installation 

Most window replacement jobs are the pocket type installations. The full-frame replacement includes replacing the exterior and the interior trim is left in place and the original opening before putting in the window itself. 

It is common for the windows to be moved strategically in the opening because of shifting over the years. This requires using shims to make the new window fit correctly and work properly. Another thing to consider, when you have our window replacements by a professional contractor, the exterior casing is wrapped to match and make it watertight. 

Do you install replacement windows from the inside or outside? 

In most cases, window replacements are installed from the exterior side of the house. There are some situations where an interior install is necessary. Most companies install from the outside, but there isn’t a wrong or right way, but there are factors that can decide. 

Exterior window replacement installation requires the contractor to cut the blind stop trim out on the exterior where the current window is attached. This piece can be difficult to remove and will need to be replaced to give your window replacement a finished look. The preference to do this on the outside is to not disrupt your home on the inside. 

Sometimes there isn’t a choice because of the window type and the interior trim. Once the window replacement is complete and the contractor correctly caulks around the window, it will be airtight. 

An open, new window

Do new windows increase home value? 

Absolutely yes! Window replacement is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value. Why? Because most homebuyers want to move into the ready-to-go house and not worry about window replacement soon. Not to mention, new windows increase the value, make your home stand out from the others, and will bring you bigger offers. 

Window replacement is an expense, nobody will argue that. As a homeowner, you need to review the positives that window replacement will bring to you, and while it won’t refill your bank account soon, it will. Want to learn more about window options for your home in Frisco , TX? Call Kilker Roofing and Construction, LLC at 214-471-6210 and speak with our professionals today!