Foundation Repair Service

A Picture of a Crack in the Wall of a Home.

Trusted, Local Foundation Repair Experts

If you are having issues with your home’s foundation, know that you can rely on the professionals at Kilker Roofing and Construction, LLC for foundation repair in Frisco , TX. While we are known for residential roofing, we do other home improvement services like gutters and siding. We also provide further offers as a general contractor, our knowledge extends beyond just roofing. There are a lot of reasons why your foundation might need repairs, but the most common reason foundation repairs are needed in the North Texas area is because of the soil. Most of the soil in this area is either loam, silt, sand, or clay, but clay soil can be a huge problem when it comes to your foundation. This is because it absorbs water and expands when it gets wet, but will solidify and contract when it drys. Because of the expanding and contracting that the soil does, the foundation can shift and settle, causing the foundation to crack. If you think you need foundation repairs, please give us a call at 214-471-6210!

Signs You Need Foundation Repair

If you think you might need a foundation repair in Frisco , TX but have a few doubts, there signs that your home will exhibit that indicate you need repairs. These are some of the most common signs that you need foundation repairs.

  • Cracks in Walls: If you notice cracks in the interior walls or drywall of your home, that might mean you need your foundation repaired.
  • Doors and Windows Stick Shut: When the foundation settles, it can cause the doors and windows to stick shut.
  • Gaps Between Ceiling and Crown Molding: Settling foundations can’t bear the weight of the house, which causes caps in between the ceiling and crown molding.
  • Inadequate Water Drainage: If you don’t have the best water drainage for your home, this can really impact the foundation.

Call Us for Foundation Repair Today!

Don’t wait until your foundation is severely damaged, call us today at 214-471-6210 to set up an appointment for foundation repair in Frisco , TX. Our team of general contractors is able to inspect your foundation, determine how much damage the foundation has, repair cracks or damage to the foundation, and even come up with better solutions for your water drainage. We look forward to working with you and getting your foundation back in great shape.