Should I File an Insurance Claim on a Roof?

An Insurance Adjuster Inspects a Roof.

Should I file an insurance claim for my roof?

Whether you’ve had your roof damaged in a storm or other event, the first thing you usually think of doing is reporting the damage to your insurance company. But is filing roof insurance claims the best route to take? If you file too many claims in a short time on your homeowner’s insurance policy, it’s possible your insurers could drop you because you may present too much of a risk. In some cases, it’s best not to file a claim. Much of this will depend on the extent of the damage to your roof. 

Before filing a roof damage claim, get in touch with a reputable roofer to give you an estimate of the damage. If the estimate for the repair doesn’t exceed your deductible, it’s better not to file a claim. The amount of damage should exceed the deductible or be a total loss. More often than not, an insurer will deny a claim that does not meet the deductible. You also don’t want to file a claim if the damage is caused by normal wear and tear, and lack of maintenance on your part. Lack of maintenance is not considered a covered peril like hail or fire would be. You may also want to reconsider filing a claim if you’ve filed a claim in the last three years.

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What kind of roof damage is covered by insurance?

To best way to learn what kind of roof damage is covered on your insurance is to check your policy or contact your insurance provider. For the most part with roof insurance claims, insurers will cover what is known as covered perils. These perils often include events outside of the homeowner’s control such as damage from hail, wind, or fire. Roof insurance claims for storm damage, for instance, will probably be approved as long as the repair exceeds the deductible Other coverage might include such things as vandalism. 

You might wonder, “Does insurance pay for new roof?” If your roof appears to be a total loss and needs to be replaced, it’s likely the insurance company will pay at least part of the cost for the replacement. The damage has to be covered under perils. Rarely, if ever, will insurance cover damage from normal aging and wear, especially if poor maintenance is involved. The level of coverage for perils may change depending on the roof’s age. Again, your insurer will be able to give you the most information about coverage.

How do I file a new roof claim?

Filing a roof insurance claim is actually relatively easy, but you must go about it carefully. Here’s how you can do it to ensure everything goes smoothly:

  • Before filing get an estimate from a reputable roofer like Kilker Roofing and Construction, LLC.
  • Follow your insurer’s guidelines on filing a claim and file it if the estimate exceeds the deductible.
  • After filing the claim, you will meet with an insurance adjuster to go over damages and verify the estimate.
  • The insurance company will, if the claim is approved, issue you a check.
  • Have the roofing contractor make the repairs.

How does an insurance claim on a roof work?

As with other insurance claims, once the claim is filed, you will typically meet with an insurance adjuster who will verify the damage to determine the amount the company will pay out for repairs. If you’ve had a roofing contractor provide an estimate beforehand, that information will also be considered by the insurer. After an amount is determined, the insurance company sends you a check so you can pay a contractor to make the repairs. If the amount provided by the insurance company isn’t sufficient to cover the repairs, you may want to file a supplemental claim. The insurance adjuster may have missed some damage, so the settlement may be lower than expected. If you haven’t gotten an estimate from a roofing contractor before then, you should do so. The roofing contractor can often provide you with a more complete estimate that you can provide to the insurance company.

Will a roof insurance claim increase insurance

Roof insurance claims may not necessarily cause your insurance to go up. Insurance rates could go up, though, under certain circumstances, especially if you make a second claim within a certain time period, within, say, seven years. The amount of payout will not affect what you pay in. If several claims are filed in one area, for instance, after a major disaster like a tornado, insurance rates may go up.

Roof insurance claim denied

Not all roof insurance claims are accepted. Sometimes the claim is denied. One main reason a claim will be denied is that it does not meet or exceed the deductible. You may also have your claim denied if the damage wasn’t caused by a covered peril like hail or fire. There are certain perils that may be excluded on your insurance. Common exclusions include earthquakes and floods. If another party is liable for the damage, your insurance company may not pay. However, the person liable for the damage, or their insurer, will usually have to pay for damages. Insurers will also deny claims if the damage was caused by your negligence. For instance, if you haven’t maintained your roof and a leak develops because you neglected repairs, the insurer will not pay out.

A Storm Damaged Roof.

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If you’ve had hail or storms or fire damage your roof, before filing with your insurer, get roof insurance claims help in Frisco , TX from the professionals at Kilker Roofing and Construction, LLC. We can inspect the damage and give you an accurate estimate you can file with your claim. Find out more about our services by calling 214-471-6210.