When Should You Replace Windows?

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How often should you replace house windows?

How old are the windows in your home, or do you know? You’ve heard the phrase, “If walls could talk.”, but what about windows? The windows in your home could be trying to communicate, especially if they are ten years old or older, they may be telling you to look at a window replacement job sooner than later!

Some homeowners may not be aware window replacements are possible. When approached by a salesperson, the question, “Can windows be replaced?”, really isn’t that uncommon.  In most cases, yes, window replacement is possible in most homes and structures. 

Even when you  have high-quality windows installed and keep them well-maintained, they can have a lifespan of twenty years. However, several factors come into play that window replacements are needed now, not 4, 5, or 6 years from now. Here are some examples that your home could use a window replacement job now: 

  • Drafty, Fogged, Sticking Windows: If your windows are drafty, fog up, or stick when closing, opening them, Won’t open all the way, or not all, they’re talking to you.  They are telling you a window replacement is overdue! 
  • Energy Bill Needs Reducing: In the winter, you can get some heat through the windows on a sunshiny day, but if they are drafty, that warmth is going right back out, adding as much as  25% to your energy bills. A window replacement job can reduce your energy bills between 10% and 25% , and if you’re considering selling your home, new windows are an excellent selling point. 
  • A Makeover and Update: Every home gets aged and worn looking and nothing can make it look better than a window replacement. If the color of your windows has started fading or the window frame is warping, getting a window replacement job will spruce up the curb appeal and add value to your home too. 
  • Storm Damage: Hailstorms, hurricanes, high winds, and heavy rains that seems to come in sideways can impact the windows of your home. If your home is on the coast, you have the additional concern with sea salt air corroding the windows, affecting their operation. If you’re noticing corrosion and more, get some quotes on window replacement and start planning a budget before the next bad weather season arrives. 
  • Renovation: Simply because you purchased a historic home and have visions of bringing it back to its original grandeur, doesn’t mean window replacement isn’t possible. Call a contractor today and they will inspect your windows, get your budget , and let you know what they can do. If they had a chance in the 1800s, they’d do a window replacement! 

Should I replace my windows all at once?

Well any contractor or salesperson will tell you it should be all at once, but not everyone’s budget can afford a full window replacement expense. So, if you need to spread the project out over months or  years, that is your choice and decision. 

Before you decide you can only do one window replacement at a time, get quotes for several contractors for one, five, ten windows.  Keep in mind, you want to choose a basic style that fits your home’s architecture, but if you can only do one or a few window replacements at a time, make sure it is something you can get more at a later date. 

What time of year is best to replace windows?

Summer and winter window replacement installations both have pros and cons when it comes to the best time for this job. It is best to ask the contractor that you choose to work with their choice and opinion on the matter. They are the best ones to advise you what conditions and considerations they need to do a proper window replacement that is done right. 

Will new windows help with electric bill?

If you are considering a window replacement for your home, there are many decision to be made in regards. From the type of window, the frame, the glazing, gas fill, spacer, and operation type. The Window replacement services contractor you choose will ask you many questions, provide advice, feedback, and information. Ask questions! 

Energy efficient window replacement is an important investment, and you want to consider what you can expect for ROI from a window replacement job. You are likely losing as much as 30% or more of the cooling and heating through your windows currently. Any type of window replacement you choose will save you energy expense and make your home more comfortable. 

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Is it worth it to replace windows?

 We aren’t going to tell you it window replacement isn’t worthwhile, but we will tell you that if the budget can’t afford new windows, then window replacement and repair may be enough until you can afford new windows. Minor issues like broken or missing hardware, cracked or missing weather stripping, are things that can be repaired or replaced, much cheaper than new window replacements.  When it comes to the frame though, if it is broken, damaged, or warped, new windows are the best option. 

So, you got some quotes from a contractor and you’re in stick shock. Now you’re wondering, can you do your own window replacement?  Well, in a range from one to ten, with ten being the hardest, we give it an eight or nine. Why? Well mainly because you’re dealing with glass and if it breaks, you’ll probably have to buy a replacement. 

Also, consider that they need to be installed right to do the energy-saving job intended, right? Manufacturers may not honor a warranty if your window replacement isn’t done by a certified dealer either. So, is window replacement hard? Yes and no, but in our opinion, it isn’t worth the risk of losing your warranty or having to buy another window. Call 214-471-6210 today for your window replacement in Frisco , TX.