Which is better tile roof or shingles?

Tile roofing

Are tile roofs good?

There are many different types of tile roofing today, and homeowners that are upgrading their home’s architects may look at going with tile roofing. Within the tile roofing materials are different styles of tiles too. You can choose a tile roof that looks like shingles you see on asphalt shingled roofs if you desire. 

For homes that are in coastal areas or hot, humid area, tile roofing is one of the best choices to make.  These are climates with infrequent rains where large amounts of rain come for short periods because they shed that rainfall easily and quickly. 

However, tile roofing is extremely heavy and a home that hasn’t had tile roofing before will need an engineering inspection first.  A sturdy roof frame must be in place to give the tile the structural support it needs. 

Do tile roofs need maintenance?

Fortunately, tile roofing needs extraordinarily little maintenance, however, to get the longest lifespan you can, it shouldn’t be overlooked. With a regular routine of maintenance, like your HVAC system, you’ll get many years of beauty and enjoyment with tile roofing. The basic maintenance tasks that roofing contractors and experts recommend are: 

  • Routine Inspection: This is not something for a homeowner to attempt because of the dangers of slick tile roofing and heights. Hire a professional roofing contractor that is experienced with tile roofing to check  your entire roof for cracked or missing tiles. Once a year is sufficient and after a weather event of hail and high winds could find small issues before they become big problems. 
  • Clear Debris: The wind may feel good sitting on your deck, but the winds also bring in dirt, dust, leaves and more, dropping it off on your roof and into your gutter. Have your gutters and tile roofing cleaned by a professional twice a year will keep that debris off and your gutters clear and free flowing. 
  • Repairs: When an inspection finds that you have cracked or missing tiles, repairs are important, and there two choices: You can try to repair the cracked tile roofing pieces or have them replaced.  If there is any cracked or missing tile roof to wall flashing, this needs to be replaced as soon as possible to ensure that water doesn’t accidentally get inside your home. 

Which roof tiles last the longest?

There are eight types of tile roofing material, so what you’re looking for in your home should consider some important elements:

  • Architectural Style  – your HOA may have rules to follow.
  • Roof Application – new or replacing, roof pitch.
  • The Budget
  • Durability
  • Climate
  • Energy Efficiency

Once you have considered those factors, the choices available in roofing tiles to choose from are: 

  • Metal Tile Roofing: Similar to a metal roof in longevity, minimal chance of leaking and a durable material. The metal tile roofing today is made to look like other types of material including clay, slate, and others. Coated with an acrylic that enhances their look and protects them. 
  • Copper Tile Roofing: Has a long lifespan, over 100 years, and a durable, versatile material that is compatible with almost any roof style. 
  • Slate Tile Roofing: For centuries, this has been a roofing material on structures all around the world. Expensive and installation is challenging even for the experienced roofing contractor. 
  • Ceramic Tile Roofing: Fireproof and durable, common in the Southwest on Spanish architecture. Available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. 
  • Polymer-Sand Tile Roofing: Binding sand with polymers make a suitable alternative for ceramic tiles, lending to the same appearance, but less prone to breaking.  They look similar to ceramic tiles, but they are more durable and less likely to break.
  • Composite Tile Roofing: A multi-layered tile of acrylic, metal, and stone, giving it a natural look, but light weight compared to the natural material. 
  • Bituminous Tile Roofing: A fiberglass material that is lightweight, easy installation with little chance of leaking. 
  • Concrete Roofing Tile: An alternative to ceramic roofing tiles and not as likely to break. Appearance is close to a ceramic roofing tile, but costs less and installation is easy.

When should Roof tiles be replaced?

 There are obvious indicators when your tile roofing needs to be replaced, like your tile roof is leaking or an inspection finds several damaged tiles. Roofing tiles that are buckling, cracked, curled, loose, missing, or torn are the damaged tiles you need to watch for and when you see several of these at one time, it is time to replace your tile roofing. 

tile roofing with algae

What are the advantages of tile roofs?

Tile roofing has many advantages and pros that have more homeowners choosing to go with that over asphalt shingles.  Some of the benefits are: 

  • Energy efficient: With tile roof and insulation, it will absorb little to no heat, keeping a house cool in the summer. This puts less need and use on the HVAC system.  
  • Durable: Most tile roofing can withstand the element and with proper maintenance, you can expect a century lifespan. 
  • Wind resistant: Most tile roofing is resistant to heavy winds.
  • Insect and rot resistant:  Tile roofing resist moisture damage, making it insect and rot resistant. 
  • Maintenance ease: Tile roofing is a durable material that isn’t known or leaking, repairs and replacement are minimal. 
  • Versatile:  Tile roofing offers various  colors and styles that can enhance any architecture. 
  • Eco-friendly: Tile roofing is made from all natural or recycled materials instead of chemicals. 

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