Commercial Roofing in Frisco , TX

Flat Roofing, Including Modified Bitumen That's Pictured, is Just One of Many Commercial Roofing Options We Provide.

Full Service Roofing

For more than 40 years, when builders have needed a full-service, reliable commercial roofing company in Frisco , TX and surrounding cities, they have called on Kilker Roofing and Construction, LLC. Our experienced roofers have completed a wide range of projects throughout North Texas from apartments to shopping centers. We cover every aspect of commercial roofing, from inspections to metal roofs and all varieties of flat roofs, from modified bitumen to EPDM and TPO. We are the general contractor of choice for many businesses in Frisco , TX and the surrounding areas for a reason. Find out why businesses from every industry sector choose Kilker Roofing and Construction, LLC as a preferred commercial roofing contractor and give us a call at 214-471-6210.

Our Services

We’ve generated a reputation as a reliable commercial roofer in Frisco , TX by making a commitment to customer service and providing a wide range of services. Our services range from inspections to flat roofing. We work closely with our clients and customize projects based on their needs. With all of our services, we provide free estimates and lifetime warranties on labor.

Commercial Roof Inspection

An essential part of any maintenance program is a commercial roof inspection by a licensed and insured commercial roofer like at Kilker Roofing and Construction, LLC. We recommend regular commercial roof inspections in Frisco , TX, especially following severe storms or heavy ice and snow in the winter, or to remove debris or vegetation, and as a way to assess the overall condition of your roof, including flashing, vents and goose necks.

Commercial Metal Roofing

From drive-through banks to large industrial warehouses, metal roofs make a good fit for almost any commercial building. Our team is experienced installing and repairing metal roofs of all varieties, from galvanized steel to aluminum. Metal roofs are hard to beat for sturdiness and durability, as well as versatility. You can opt for standing seam constructions or mimic any roofing system from shingles to tile.

EPDM Roofing

Among the flat roofing options we offer in Frisco , TX is single-ply EPDM rubber membrane. These sturdy and durable roofing membranes are valued for their puncture and tear resistance. EPDM material comes in wide strips and varying thicknesses to fit any flat roof. The wide strips connect with few seams, which helps these roofs resist leaks. EPDM is one of the most common of flat roofs chosen today.

Flat Roofing

As a licensed and insured commercial roofer in Frisco , TX we specialize in flat roofing for commercial clients. Flat roofs are commonly used in commercial building because they are low cost to install and repair and maintenance is relatively easy. Our range of flat roofs include modified bitumen, EPDM and TPO.

Industrial Roofing, Like This Warehouse, is Part of Our Commercial Roofing Offerings.

Industrial Roofing

From warehouses to factories, as an industrial roofing contractor, we have a roofing solution fit for any kind of industry. Our specialties include flat roofing and metal roofing. We provide inspections, installation, repair and replacement.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Another common flat roofing option, modified bitumen roofing is valued for its nearly seamless design, which provides added protection from leaks. These asphalt roofs can be applied using high heat or cold adhered. Modified bitumen roofs are durable, low cost and low maintenance.

TPO Roofing

In the last few years, as a commercial roofer in Frisco , TX, we’ve seen and increased interest in TPO roofing. These single-ply rubber roofing membranes are valued for their sturdiness and high reflectivity. Light colored, TPO roofs effectively reflect the sun’s heat, which helps cool the building and improve energy efficiency. Such cooling effects save money and are appreciated, especially during the long, hot summer in North Texas.

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We’ve been trusted for more than 40 years as a commercial roofer in Frisco , TX and provide a wide range of commercial roofing solutions to fit any business, large or small. Call 214-471-6210 today to find out what we can do for you.

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  • Commercial Metal Roofing For durability and versatility, choose a commercial metal roof. Schedule our services today.
  • EPDM Roofing EPDM roofs are puncture and tear resistant. Call for roof replacement or repair.
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  • Industrial Roofing Contractor From warehouses to factories, we are a reliable industrial roofing contractor.
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  • TPO Roofing TPO roofs are valued for their reflectivity. Get a TPO roof installed by calling us today.